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Is really Forskolin a magical supplement for weight loss and management?

Of late, there is a growing trend amongst people to use Forskolin supplement to manage and lose weight. Honestly speaking, this was triggered off by a television show wherein a doctor had tipped this compound as a miracle flower and as a lightning in a bottle that he claimed will truly work wonders. In fact, such were his claims that it became virtually impossible to ignore the assertions that were made about the ability of Forskolin to reduce weight. In fact, it was claimed that the compound is good enough to reduce as much as 10 pounds a week, even if no formidable changes are made in the diet and without the need of conducting any workouts or exercises.

In spite of these claims, it has been passionately believed by a sizeable amount of experts that it is the food or diet that is the best medicine when it comes to losing or managing weight. However, that’s not all. In fact, there’s a lot more in it and nutrients like Forslokin have a pivotal role to play in reducing the fat and maintenance of weight and it has, in fact, nothing to do with the food or the diet taken. So here are the facts about the compound.

The Truth About Forskolin Fuel

The reality is that to date, there have been two reputed studies that have revealed the impact or the effect of Forskolin on human weight. Besides these two studies, there has been another solitary study conducted on rats.

From these studies it now evident that Forskolin does not essentially reduce the weight or in other words, encourage far reduction. It actually prevents gain or accumulation of fat bodies in the human body.  

Hence, perhaps it is wisest to keep in mind that the most effective and the safest way to reduce weight is by controlling food intake and keeping a check on the type of food taken. The best and the easiest way to reduce weight is eating unprocessed and life-giving foods and alongside working out on a regular manner with the support of scientific methodology, which will be of some extra help in your weight loss venture.

For instance, essential oils or safe supplements are extremely effective when it comes to weight loss. Weight loss does not happen overnight but takes time.

Another amazing outcome of these studies reveals that Forskolin does not have any side effects that are clinically significant. Check out questions page to know about the ingredients in this product. 

Health Benefits of Forslokin Fuel

Now let us come to the benefits of Forskolin Fuel. The compound has been found to have a wide range of benefits that are well supported by proven scientific evidence.

1. It helps you reduce weight

Forskolin does have extraordinary effects on the human body when it comes to preventing weight gain, particularly in people who are already overweight or obese. If used in a proper way, it will help maintain a healthy lifestyle and will help manage a proper weight.

2. Prevents cancer

It has been proven that Forskolin activates PP2A or Protein Phosphatase 2, which is an enzyme that causes cell division at a rapid rate. A study in the year 2011 at the Madrid University has revealed that since Forskolin activates PP2A enzyme, it carries an anti-tumour effect on the cancerous tumours in the rectal region, thereby stopping their growth. It has also been found that Forskolin has a positive effect on stopping or slowing down the growth of cancerous tumours.

Researchers have also come to the conclusion that the compound has the ability to cause cell death or apoptosis in case of multiple myeloma cancer cells. Besides, when it is consumed along with the common chemotherapy drugs, it reduces the customary side effects that are caused by chemotherapy and subsequent treatments.

3. Reduces high blood pressure

One of the most significant positive impacts of Forskolin is that it reduces high blood pressure, which is indirect, if not directly associated with weight loss.

Besides controlling weight gain, it also plays a pivotal role in treating heart ailments by reducing hypertension and thereby reducing the blood pressure. A study conducted in India shows that the compound reduces high blood pressure in more than 75 percent of cases, thus reducing the risk of stroke or heart attack and improving heart health.

4. Lowers blood sugar levels

Recent studies have also revealed that Forskolin helps in lowering the blood sugar levels. The study, which was conducted by experts, revealed that upon regularly administering Forskolin, fasting blood glucose level decreases. It also helps the diabetic as well as the prediabetic patients to keep the glucose level in their blood well under control.

5. Helps bring down severity of bouts of asthma

Asthma, one of the most dreaded ailments caused by a disorder in the respiratory system is another illness that can be taken care of and treated by Forskolin. Though traditionally this ailment is treated with the use steroidal nebulizers or cromoglicic acid, non-steroidal inhalers along with a wide range of anti-inflammatory drugs as well as bronchodilators are administered during emergency treatment for opening the airways to facilitate proper respiration during bouts of asthma.

Of late, it has been proven that Forskolin works in an excellent way in opening up the airways, thus giving relief to the asthma patients. In fact, Forskolin is considered as one of the supplements as are some others and essential oils, when it comes to treating asthma.

Besides all these, Forskolin is believed to have a role to play in treating symptoms of Glaucoma as well as Alzheimer’s disease, although it has not been confirmed in a concrete way.

Does Forskolin Actually Work?

So long we have been discussing the different benefits of using Forskolin. Now, let us come to the basics. Let us get back to the point where we started this discussion from. Does Forskolin actually work when it comes to weight reduction or management?

A number of studies have so far been conducted in this respect and all of them lead you to the fact that it does have an effect on fat metabolism. Or in other words, Forskolin stimulates the release of fat that is stored in the fat cells. More or less same phenomenon takes place when the body has to use body fat for energy. However, the release of the stored fat is not enough for the promotion of loss of weight. There has to be a deficit in calorie intake as well, to inhibit weight loss.

This deficit in calorie intake can happen through:

  • Suppression of appetite. 
  • Reducing the efficiency of digestion.
  • Facilitating fat burn by increasing the metabolic rate. 

Interestingly, Forskolin is not known to cause any of the above-mentioned things to take place. Then how does it work in a reduction of weight? It does so by preserving the muscle mass and at the same time inhibiting the loss of fat bodies.

Moreover, it has been found that there is a notable increase in free testosterone in Forskolin group. As you know, testosterone has the ability to stimulate the release of fat from the fat cells, and this, in turn, facilitates the loss of fat.

On the other hand, an increase of testosterone promotes an increase in the muscle mass. In fact, studies have noticed a significant propensity towards an increase in the Lean Body Mass (LBM) in the Forskolin group, though the finding was not that significant, at least statistically.